SEPTEMBER 25, 2020

Sickle cell enthusiasts unite.





Musical performances, comedy, exercise and wellness, motivational speakers, and more brought to you by individuals impacted by sickle cell disease.

Firesides and panels discussing experiences and opinions on various sickle cell-related topics.

Featuring prominent authors, podcasters, and more within the sickle cell community.

Stock up on your favorite sickle cell gear or support a sickle cell business owner. Buy sickle cell merchandise here.


Musical performances, comedy, exercise and wellness, motivational speakers, and more brought to you by individuals impacted by sickle cell disease.


Firesides and panels discussing experiences and opinions on various sickle cell-related topics.


Featuring prominent authors, podcasters, and more within the sickle cell community.


Stock up on your favorite sickle cell gear or support a sickle cell business owner. Buy sickle cell merchandise here.




The SickleCellCon Virtual Entertainment Event

Actor and singer Ramon Reed Violinist Obed Shelton Poet Journee BLu LEVITATED Dance Crew Poet Asia C. Rapper Renzoe  

Did you miss our Live SickleCellCon Virtual Entertainment Event?

Watch it here as we celebrate Sickle Cell Awareness Month with talent and education.



Living a Quality Life with Sickle Cell Disease

François Laporte Jr.

Living with sickle cell disease can be a challenge, but guess what? Challenges can be overcome. Watch sickle cell disease champion and peer mentor François Laporte Jr.’s take on how to live a quality life despite living with sickle cell disease.


How to Take a Perfect Selfie with Fashion Model

Bethany Chasteen

Fashion model, actress, advocate, and sickle cell champion Bethany Chasteen provide tips on how to take the perfect selfie.

Comedy (Expletive)

Watch Comedian’s Stand Up Featured on Comedy Central

Nore Davis

Sickle cell champion and comedian Nore Davis explains why “Nobody Should Have to Take Math” in his Comedy Central stand up.

Watch his Comedy Central special


Workout with Body Builder

Nate Fox

Stay fit with sickle cell champion Nate Fox, who provides work out tips to strengthen arm, leg, and core muscles.


Original Song ‘Sick of Cell’

Descendent MC

Harlem-based MC, Descendent performs his original song “Sick of Cell”.

Descendent has toured across the United States and his work has brought him to the likes of A3C Festival, Empire State Music Festival, Sway in the Morning “A&R Room” Segment and Chuck D’s two radio shows “And You Don’t Stop” and “Songs That Mean Something”.

He regularly performs at mainstay NYC venues such as SOBs, The Shrine, Electric Bowery, The Well , Rockwood Music Hall, The Delancey, Rubulad, and Starr Bar.


Cook YBT Meatless Southwest SweetCorn & Black Bean Fiesta Tacos

Chef D. Wyant

Sickle cell champion Chef D. Wyant creates his delicious Meatless Tacos.

Chef D. Wyant is an advocate for living well with sickle cell disease through healthy living and clean eating. Chef D. Wyant uses all natural ingredients and specializes in cooking comfort foods with flavor and style.


Be Mindful of Your Achievements– An Inspirational Message

Andre Harris

In graduate school to gain his PhD in social work, sickle cell champion Andre Harris shares encouraging words of celebrating your achievements and seeing your worth.

Andre is committed to working in the public health arena to improve quality of care for sickle cell disease. His interest focuses on the barriers to healthcare, social determinants of health and the impact of socioeconomic issues on the overall healthcare of patients and how to eliminate the stigma patients face with sickle cell disease.


Original Song ‘Warrior Woman’

Osunfemi Wanbi Njeri

Hailing from Oakland CA, Osunfemi is a sweet water, neo soul-hip hop vocalist and songwriter. Melodies and lyrics flow from the universe to crown to paper to beautiful music. Believing in the transformative power of words and blessed with a musical bloodline, Osunfemi Wanbi Njeri is ready to deliver her healing sound and energy by way of song, Reiki Healing and Cardolody Readings.

Heavily influenced by passionate, creative greats like Stevie Wonder, Ms. Lauryn Hill, India Arie, Mary J. Blige and Tupac Shakur, Osunfemi decided to channel music that uplifts, inspires and moves the people. With a name meaning, a warrior woman that sings the blessings of Osun, Osunfemi Wanbi Njeri saw it as necessary to speak about her journey as a warrior. She does just that with the June 2015 single release of Warrior Woman and Warrior Woman LP June 5, 2018.


Author Talks About Living with Sickle Cell Disease

Lady Anne Welsh

Anne Welsh is an internationally recognised author, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Anne is a tireless advocate for sickle cell disease and her memoir, Pain-less, was borne of her determination to raise awareness about the impact invisible diseases such as Sickle Cell can have on individuals, and also to give support and advice to other sufferers and their families.

Having frequently battled with depression, Anne is all too aware of the difficulties faced by sufferers of life-threatening illnesses. By writing this book, she hopes to help others improve their mental and physical wellbeing and enable them to achieve a joyful and fulfilling life.

She has appeared on many radio and television spots, such as the BBC and London Live, and in front of decision makers and parliamentary political leaders in the UK or in countries around the world where sickle cell is a serious health issue.


Deep Breathing and Yoga for Sickle Cell Disease

Dr. Marjorie Dejoie Brewer

Dr. Marjorie DeJoie-Brewer didn’t find out she had sickle cell disease until her second year in medical school. Her expertise in internal and rehabilitation and sports medicine to help SCD patients learn how to take better care of themselves.


‘Best Part’ and ‘Blessed’ Mashup Performed by R&B singer Miriam


Miriam is an R&B singer, songwriter, and performer from London. Her love for music strives my love for the performing arts too and has resulted in starring in West End Musicals acting in BBC’s hit show Almost Never. Miriam started singing in the church at the age of 4.


Teen Warrior Performs Contemporary Dance

Ayana Lee Johnson

Teenager Ayana J, was named Miss Suffolk, National American Miss Pre-Teen 2018 at the National American Miss Pageant.

Ayana said that she competes in pageants to bring more awareness to sickle cell disease and other chronic conditions.

Her platform is called “Ayana’s READ Initiative: “Readiness to Empower, Advocate and diminish hopelessness in chronic Disease.” Ayana is also the CEO of Hope Cells, which makes decorative, heart-shaped pillows to bring comfort to other sickle cell patients.


Sickle Cell Awareness Month (The Red Look) Makeup Tutorial

Ashlie Kego

Looking to fully commit to Sickle Cell Awareness Month? Check out this ‘Red Look’ tutorial that is sure to go well with any of your sickle cell gear.



An Inspirational Journey to Curing Sickle Cell Disease

With two different outcomes, Kimberlin Wilson George and Teonna Woolford share their journey in undergoing a bone marrow transplant to cure their sickle cell disease. They describe their journey and how it shaped their lives.

Themes: Cure, fertility, faith, depression, advocacy


Treatment vs. Cure – Tough Questions About Sickle Cell


If given the choice what would you choose, a curative option? A philosophical discussion on the choice of curing sickle cell disease or managing the disease through treatment options. Hear perspectives from both sides as three individuals living with sickle cell disease and one caregiver discuss this topic.

Themes: Treatments, cure, organ damage, access to care


Answering the ‘Why Me’ Question – Tough Questions About Sickle Cell

Have you ever asked yourself the ‘Why me? Why do I have sickle cell disease,’ question? A philosophical discussion on how three individuals living with sickle cell disease and a caregiver reason with having the disease.

Themes: Faith, family support, advocacy, pain

Panel (Expletive)

Using the Term ‘Sickler’ – Tough Questions About Sickle Cell

Is it offensive? Should the sickle cell community reclaim the word? Three individuals living with sickle cell disease and a caregiver discuss their thoughts on the term ‘sickler’.

Themes: Derogatory term, healthcare, HIPPA


Having Children When ‘Genetically Incompatible’ – Tough Questions About Sickle Cell

A hot topic within the sickle cell community. Should two people who have sickle cell disease or sickle cell trait have children? Hear multiple points of view, including an unusual perspective on having children for those who are ‘genetically incompatible’.

Themes: Eugenics, ethics, quality of life, parenting, genetics


The Best Part About Sickle Cell Disease – Tough Questions About Sickle Cell

We often hear the horrors, trama, and pain sickle cell disease causes. Here’s an alternative take on thinking about sickle cell disease. Three individuals living with sickle cell disease and a caregiver best parts about living with sickle cell disease.

Themes: Strength, resiliency



7 Year Old Viral Activist Wynta-Amor Rogers Shares a Message

Wynta-Amor Rogers

7-year-old Wynta-Amor Rogers viral video of her chanting “No justice, no peace” gained millions of views and featured by CNN, Janelle Monae, Shaun King, and other public figures and media outlets. Wynta-Amor is not only a civil rights activist, but she’s also an advocate for sickle cell disease, a disorder she lives with.


Hertz “Naz” Nazaire

Hertz Nazaire Hertz was born in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti on October 2, 1973 where he was raised by friends and family of his mother Yverose Nazaire who left Haiti to find work in the United States.

Nazaire is a sickle cell patient and a Haiti artist. Nazaire struggled with the pain and challenges of sickle cell disease which caused his vision to fail over the years. The frustration of slowly going blind has encouraged him to appreciate the process of painting with a deeper purpose.

Nazaire focuses on creating design and space on his website dedicated to improving the image of Haiti on the web and providing a new community through the use of a new social network platform where Haitians can share their arts and culture with the world.

Nazaire also continues to work in health advocacy as a speaker for sickle cell disease pain awareness. His sickle cell Series continues to be a significant feature in medical books and other media publications related to the subjects of sickle cell disease or chronic pain.


Scotty Tha Artist

Scott Soliz was born in Bronx, NY, when I was 10 years old I started drawing cartoon characters. He likes drawing cartoons that people can relate to and his ultimate goal is to eventually create his own cartoon show for either Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, or Netflix! “Art is a place to escape for me and helps me cope with my sickle cell at times.”


Cheat Codes: Tuskegee, Trials and the Road to Trust: Clinical Trials in Sickle Cell Disease with Dr. Jeremie Estepp

Ahmar Zaidi, MD and Michael U Callaghan, MD

Talking about the tragic Tuskegee trial which took place between 1932 and 1972. How do researchers gain back trust in trials? Did any good come out of the exploitation that went along with the Tuskegee trial?

Listen now to hear the doctors discuss this controversial trial and how it led to the rules and regulations that are now in place


The Sickle Cycle Podcast: Sickle Cell Warriors Living By Faith

Charlotte Curtis

The experiences of Sickle Cell Warriors Yolanda Johnson and Shanetta Richardson. Both have Sickle Cell Anemia, SS, which is commonly known as the most severe type of Sickle Cell Disease. Residing in Washington, DC they receive their medical care at Howard University Hospital Sickle Cell Center. These warriors have persevered through many challenges but their hope, faith, and determination will not allow Sickle Cell Disease to define their lives. Through advocacy, they are changing the community. Ms. Johnson participates in clinical trials to help future generations and Ms. Richardson is Founder of I Am Sickle Cell, Inc. Listen to these powerful warriors as they tell their story.

The Sickle Cycle Podcast is a five part conversation about all things related to sickle cell disease. Explore the complexities of this inherited blood disorder with Charlotte Curtis and special guests. Learn about resources and treatments on ways to improve the quality of life for those impacted by this global disease. Be inspired. Be encouraged. Be educated.

Podcast (Expletive)

The Opinion Not Fact Podcast: Putting the G in LBGTQ

Shamonica Wiggins Feat. Tristan Lee

Part of the “More Than Sickle Cell” series, “Putting the G in LBGTQ” Tristan Lee joins host to share about growing up gay, black, and fierce in an anti-gay world. Tristan also shares about his coming out story, his experiences during New York Fashion Week, and his life with his husband. He also opens up about surviving a stroke at the age of 9 and so many other things he’s experienced as gay, black man.


The Sickle Cell Podcast: Sickle Cell + Trait

Sickle Cell 101

Dr Stephen Boateng nerds out on everything sickle cell trait related.


Crescent City Chronicles Series

Cynthia R. Hall, Pharm.D., JD

Cynthia Hall developed the Crescent City Chronicles comic book/coloring book series for children and adolescents with sickle cell disease to help teach important topics about managing sickle cell disease.


  • Chef Marcus Broussard in…The Crescent City Chronicles Part 1 (healthy eating)
  • Dr. Yolanda Landry, Pharm.D. in…The Crescent City Chronicles Part 2 (influenza vaccination)


My Pool of Bethesda

Jennifer Nsenkyire

My Pool of Bethesda is a true story that reveals Jennifer Nsenkyire’s journey through life coping with multiple medical challenges. This book also reveals how Jennifer endured so much; yet, continued in her faith to overcome these challenges. Who would have thought Jennifer would be alive today to pen this memoir? Who would have thought her years of fighting multiple chronic diseases would end in such a manner.

There were moments when she lost hope and wanted to give up. Yet, through prayer, faith and perseverance, she fought through every battle. Having a strong support system also helped pull through some very trying times. She never imagined her life turning out to be what it is today. She only prayed and wished for a normal life which did not happen until such time when God made a way and Jennifer was offered a once in a lifetime groundbreaking opportunity, an attempt to seek a cure that was not guaranteed. She did not refuse the opportunity because by then, she knew it was God’s time to set her free. She knew it was time for her faith to be put to test. And it wasn’t until such time that Jennifer allowed herself to surrender to God and be fearless. In fact, today, Jennifer, has become fearless of what tomorrow will bring.

In this book, Jennifer shares some of her deepest obstacles and challenges and how she was able to overcome them.


What Dr. Shurney Taught Me

La’Shardae Scott and Eric Scott

“What Dr. Shurney Taught Me” follows the journey through different events this sickle cell warrior may have experienced living with sickle cell disease. The goal of the book is to raise awareness on sickle cell disease and give friends and family a better understanding of what someone afflicted may endure in their lifetime.


Licensed To Carry: “Soaring After The Storm”

Monique Favors

This book shares the strategies that Favors used to gain her strength and passion for living and not dying; She decided to SOAR!

This book will help restore each reader, rebuild their faith, empower them to get up and live, teach them the power of prayer, and give them the encouragement needed to soar after every storm that they may face in life. Favor’s personal journey reflects both the battle and the victory that she has faced and is currently facing while living with sickle cell.

Favors is also a mother of a child who is battling sickle cell disease, so her story is one that she has been destined to tell in hopes of inspiring others. There is still a purpose for the pain, and there is also glory after every storm. She prays this book is a blessing to every reader and that their lives will be changed for the better.


I Want A Friend

Olivia Jenay

A young boy entering Kindergarten is concerned how his classmates will react to his condition. He wants them to understand it and more than anything, be his friend.


The Adventures Of The Sickler, The Transformation

Parker Todd

Parker Todd is a young man in a scholar’s body. He’s charming, smart and has an infectious smile. Parker Todd is truly defying all odds after being diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease at birth. He’s been pain crisis-free for a few years now.

Parker is a great student, plays sports and is a computer whiz. Most importantly at age 11, Parker wrote a fun loving children’s book “The Adventures Of The Sickler, The Transformation” to inspire and motivate all children who may be battling a life threatening illness.

Since publishing the book, Parker has been juggling a busy school schedule and still finding time to visit and read his book to children in local hospitals and in schools.

Parker has received several awards, Including a Proclamation from Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and an award from Congresswoman Yvette Clarke for his community service.

Parker is now a freshman at the Academy for Software Engineering in New York City and he is writing his second book “The Adventures of the Sickler, The Uprising.” This adventure is based on his signature character tackling bullying and a deadly virus.


Super Cells

Princess Walls

Gizelle is a brave little girl with sickle cell, defeating the odds every day. She puts on her cape and turns Sickle Cells into Super Cells.

Princess having sickle cell anemia herself relates to Gizelle on a personal level. She was compelled to write an inspirational story to give hope and empowerment to children facing the same battle.


Legally Black From Street Kid to Law Student

Ralston Jarrett

He’s a street kid from Georgia who’ll do anything it takes to be successful. Even if it means leaving his old life behind and going all the way to law school! With his last assignment due before he can graduate with the rest of his law school class, Ralston a street savvy law student holds nothing back as he reflects on his past experiences both in the streets and in law school, to help two hopeful law students prepare for the next phases in their lives. With its name derived from the hit movie “Legally Blonde” this modern day, upbeat thriller, teaches readers the ins and outs of law school. Based on true events.


Apparel Accessories

Sickle Clothing Co

Sickle Clothing is a brand that was created to celebrate and bring awareness to Sickle Cell Disease in a very affordable and modern way so that every family member from infants to the elderly can enjoy.

Apparel Accessories Home

The Red Chair Project

SICKLE CELL WARRIORS ROCK! We’re bringing awareness, fighting back, giving back and breaking the silence! Don’t suffer in silence.

Apparel Accessories

Sick Apparel Accessories

Slaying Inner Care Knowledgeably (SICK) Bringing awareness to various diseases in a stylish way!


Cell Mates Apparel

Cell Mates Apparel is owned by cousins, Shakeitha and Cortez. Shakeitha and Cortez grew up in a small town in South Carolina, where they shared in each others struggles with sickle cell disease. Although some of their struggles were different, they were able to understand and support one another. Because of their own experiences, they realized how important it was to have a bond with other people in the sickle cell community. They soon began to connect with others like them via social media. ​ Shakeitha and Cortez created the Cell Mates Apparel brand inspired by those relationships they’ve built. With the clothing line, they hope to connect more people across the world with sickle cell disease and their supporters, while also spreading awareness about the disease. Their goal is to start conversations about SCD wherever their products may end up.

Apparel Accessories Home

Tynisha K Collection

TynishaK collection was designed by the artist Shonte Young and the collection was founded by Tynisha K Hall a sickle cell warrior born and raised in Birmingham Alabama. Tynisha is an author, writer, production junkie, mentor, and national sickle cell advocate.

Apparel Accessories Home

Hertz Nazaire

Painter / Artist / Sickle Cell Warrior and Pain Advocate – art to inspire empathy


MTS Sickle Cell Foundation, Inc.

MTS Sickle Cell Foundation’s focus is to spread awareness of Sickle Cell Disease as well as support families affected by SCD.